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Friday, January 27, 2006

Bill Gates to the rescue??

I had for some time been planning to get the Sony PSP, but its still to be launched in India and i was wondering if i could get someone to bring it from abroad......and i was also thinking of getting a media player like iPod or iRiver.. And what do i find on the net today ??

Possible Microsoft Handheld?
Rumors swirl on a PSP/iPod competitor...

wow .... who want's a Sony or an Apple now?? Bill Gates to the rescue !!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2006


I was tired, blood was oozing out from cuts on my body. The Anubis Incarnate was in a much better condition and those monkeys kept coming on no matter how many I squashed with my fist.

A wyvern came to my aid from behind the Anubis Incarnate and the monkeys scattered, the Anubis turned to see what happened. I seized the moment and drove my sword into his heart.

The Anubis Incarnate dropped down dead. The enemy was without a leader now. We went around putting to death the rest of the resistance.

By the time we were done, the third Zarconiun sun was rising from the west. My army had been greatly reduced in the battle, just a couple of wyvern, some phoenix and scores of other lesser creatures from my planet and the allied forces. There were no werewolves and dragons left among the allied armies. A far cry from the hundreds of thousands of us who had landed on the Zarconiun homeworld some ticks back.

The heat was getting unbearable. I looked up at the sky. The 2 suns were shining so bright that I had to shield my eyes from them. I looked around at the battlefield, skewed with dead bodies and soaked in the blood of different colours.

Many friends and allies were dead, but the homeworld of the Zarconiun alliance was our, for now. I raised my sword and my army cheered. We had proved ourselves yet again.

Now, to wait for Keiria to bring in the reinforcements. Just in case the Zarconiuns planned to take back their planet. I doubted whether they would be coming back so soon. This battle must have greatly depleted their numbers.

I sat down on a boulder, my wounds were healing themselves. I was tired, badly in need of sleep. I closed my eyes and dozed off.

I was woken up by the shrieks of the monkeys. I looked up, from the skies scores of Zippy and Titan shuttles were descending. Keiria wasn’t supposed to arrive until after 4 ticks.

They weren’t ours, neither of the allies. The first Titan flew over us; it was the Ultra Alliance.

They must have picked up our communications and known that Zarconiun would be an easy target right now. The enemy shuttles landed at a distance and the creatures started marching towards us. Thousands of creatures; led by creatures from the forest and pyramid paths.

I tightened my grip on my sword. Whatever was left of my army gathered behind me. The enemy stopped at a distance waiting for us to make the first move.

The numbers just didn’t match. I would never get to tell Keiria how much I loved her.

The 2 suns were now directly overhead and it seemed as if they had merged together into one.

I filled my lungs till they hurt and let out a warcry. AAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!

A demon’s warcry always makes a cold shiver run down your spine, if you are on the wrong side, no matter how unbalanced the scales are.

I led my army for one last battle.

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