residual self image

Saturday, February 12, 2005

boring week & no visitors yet :(

oh my god, this is horrifying,

no visitor yet, and i was thinking i could use Google Ads on my blog to make some money..... ah...nothing goes right around me!!!

so lets see what all went wrong with me this week

Monday: didn't talk to the girl i love, she doesn't like me :((
Tuesday: had an exam, will get good marks, problem is others will get better.
Wednesday: had another exam....just ok....
Thursday: couldn't find the courage talk to the girl i love, she still doesn't like me :((
Friday: At college, 1:45 pm: ..... she and me....its just not going to work.
My room Evening: started working on my main project for my engineering degree in computer science,
12:50 am: posting this ....wondering "will anybody ever read this?"
12:51 am: you know what........she and me...maybe we will be together one day :-)

bye, am going to bed....this world is so boring.........atleast she's with me in my dreams :-)

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

the mental projection of your digital self

make that "my" digital self........

this is the 7th of February 2005, unless my body is in the power plant somewhere near the machine city, and you happen to be reading this since i thought the world would be interested to know about my life. I am no NEO, just a average college student, completing his graduate studies in computer science. And no, i am not a hacker either, you wouldn't be reading sci-fi stuff here.

As i said this is my residual self image, my simple story, no mirch, no masala.

Will start posting with in a couple of days, have 2 exams to take care on tuesday and wednesday and i have prepared for neither.