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Saturday, August 19, 2006

friday, the day and the end

Friday! Just a few hrs at work and you are FREE as a bird … till monday morning. So I began yet another day at my boring job that’s killing me ever minute I spend on it. One day maybe I will muster enough courage to just say NO and walk away from everything, but till then unfortunately I got to keep going on and on, taking all the bullshit they keep throwing.

Luckily someone had their birthday and we all had a small project party in the afternoon and I was relived to see something else other than mundane work. Couple of the senior management had to crack a few stupid jokes amongst themselves and were laughing as if they were in a laughter club on a Sunday morning. We (me and other like me) i.e just about everybody who was not the senior management smiled along, though I believe most of would have wanted to throw up.

And then it was night already, time to catch the bus home. Friday night… most of the people had already felt and the buses were hardly occupied. I was glad to get a 3 seat berth all to myself and I tuned into the fm stations and just sank into my seat as if that’s the last and only thing I wanted to do on this planet.

And then just before the bus started rolling, a group of people got on and occupied the seats behind me. They were coming from the gym. Great!! Some people sweat it out in the office all day and some lucky bastards get to be on projects where there is no work and they can spend all the time they spend in the office at the office gym and hanging out at the food courts and the smoking cabins.

To make my more than perfect day even better, somebody in the back of the bus had to take off his shoes and let the whole bus catch the aroma of his socks. For a few seconds I wondered if I should continue breathing and let my senses force my stomach into throwing up the slice of the wonderful chocolate cake I had.

I pulled the window as far as could and let the wind hit my face. The faint stink of the partial development of the outer city with the open drains, the heaps of garbage, the 4 lane highway and the Volvo buses plying on it, the poverty and all the imported cars, coupled with the smell of spent petrol and diesel wasn’t exactly pleasing to my nose, but it was a lot better then somebody’s reeking socks.

So there I was having survived another day on this blue planet, humming to the radio and dozing off.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


That’s what I am currently reading. “Space” by James A Michener. It’s a fictional account of the American and German men who made/made possible the journey to outer space and the moon. Historically accurate but no real people and the story extended really long on all sides. So you go as far back as a little before WWII, where you start with the people who later go on to become important people in the race for supremacy in space.

Only one guy is real, the German rocket scientist von Braun but then he isn’t shown as one of the main characters. Operation Paperclip is depicted as it happened, all the locations and most of the stuff were real. Sadly though nothing is said of the Russia side of the events.

But the book is really good and keeps you engrossed. Think of it as a movie unfolding before your eyes as you read it and you will enjoy it even more. I almost finished up ¾ of the book and I would rate it as 3.5 out of 5.