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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

never liked IIPM anyway

long before i joined engg. collage and much longer before i started preparing (half heartdly) for CAT 2005, i used to see the IIPM ads in newspapers. I always had a difficult time controlling my laughter. Was it an ad for the institute ?? was the IIPM trying to sell the book called "Count Your Chickens before they hatch" (or something like that) ?? best in India ?? better than the IIMs ??

Well i had always hated the IIPM ( this just on the basis of their ads in blogs, no media reports, no B school surveys). So when i came across the IIPM controversy on google news today, i was hardly suprised. Though this news was quite old i still enjoyed searching /reading blog posts on the topic.

And i found this post on that neatly covers all that i have to say about the IIPM.


PostPosted: Wed May 12, 2004 12:57 pm Post subject: Re: info on IIPM Reply with quote

I have decided to open an IIPM tower in my colony. The pan shop at the corner will be used as a tower. I must say i have been heavily influenced by Arindam's idea of counting chicks and letting them hatch and so i have decided to restrict entry only for girls in my new IIPM tower.

lots of IIPM related blog postings can be found at

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Rain rain go away!

Rain, rain, go away
Come again some other day
We want to go outside and play
Come again some other day

I have not gone nuts. It’s just that Bangalore has been receiving so much of rain lately that I can’t think of anything else to write about. Some of the roads have been closed down since they are no longer visible. People have to go to work taking diversions round the city. Yesterday itself I spent traveling 3.5 hrs to get to the office (the normal travel time is 15-20 minutes). And then we have the great Hosur Road. This must be the only road in India that has a variable length.


Some days you can travel from point A to B on Hosur Road in hardly 15 minutes, and some days it just might take forever. I have lost count of the evenings when I slept off in the company bus, waking up a couple of hours after, making a dash for the exit thinking that my stop has passed by a long time ago, only to realize that the bus has hardly inched from where I last remember and then settling down back to my seat, to the amusement of my fellow travelers.

Why did I ever opt to come to Bangalore in the first place??

[My Inner Self]-:- “Silicon valley of India!!! Most developed cosmopolitan in India. Girls in nice dresses. The most happening place.”


[My Inner Self]-:-“The costliest city you have ever been in. More time spent on travel everyday than you did in a whole month while at college. Traffic jams, flooded roads, less sleep.”

[My Inner Self]-:-“Cheer up man! You are still alive”

Yeah. I live to see another morning in Bangalore. :(

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

wake up!!

[My Inner Self]-:- “Shoonya! Wake up. They have you under their control. You must escape”

What? Who is controlling whom?

[My Inner Self]-:- “There is no time to explain. Follow my instructions. Jump out of the window to your right when I say “now””.

Go away! I have tons of documentation to read. My first ever project! I am not screwing this up. MUST CONTINUE FILLING MY BRAIN WITH USELESS STUFF THAT I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS.

[My Inner Self]-:- “Man, you are not making any sense. What have they done to you??”


[My Inner Self]-:- “Since that dude has lost his mind I will be your host for today. So where do we start? Ok …sometime back last week Shoonya moved to Bangalore since his company posted him there. This is the earliest recorded information we have about the onset of insanity. The traffic jams of Bangalore have claimed another victim. Shoonya now spends as much time on travel everyday as he did on computer games while he was at collage.”

[My Inner Self]-:- “To add to his troubles he was put into a lightening fast project (project duration: one month) his first ever. He is the only fresher in his team. This is the first time that he actually has seen Microsoft VSS in action. He has to go around asking for permissions to install software. No more googling, downloading and using cracks. He no longer decides what to do. And as usual every project starts with tons of documentation. Somebody tells him to do this and somebody else tells him to do that and the first somebody again tells him to do something else and then the third and fourth somebody also provide him directions. To cut a very long story short Shoonya is LOST. The characters in the TV series LOST are much better off then Shoonya.

[My Inner Self]-:- “That’s all folks. Bye! Have a nice day. I have to remind my Outer Self that he has to get out of the office and eat something and go home, so that he can wake up tomorrow and find his way back to the office.”


[My Inner Self]-:- “No Na Na No Na no! Say…MUST EAT. MUST GO HOME”


[My Inner Self]-:- “Ok let’s try again….MUST EAT!!! MUST GO HOME!!! MUST EAT!!! MUST GO HOME!!!”


[My Inner Self]-:- “That’s better. Let’s go home. And you all people still reading this I told you to leave. Log off! Go have a real life in the real world”

Thursday, October 06, 2005

K508i - To buy or not to buy

This December I will be celebrating the 3rd anniversary of my Ericsson A3618. For the information of those who have no idea what I am talking about …long before Sony Ericsson there was this Swedish company called Ericsson that made mobile phones. In the 1980s they believed that mobile phones were not that great a market to invest in. So they decided to concentrate on their core business of making telecom equipment for telecom companies and lost the race for the mobile phone market to Nokia. Now they are fighting to get it back with Sony by their side and Sony Ericsson is putting up a really nice show.

The W800i is really cool, but pricing it as Rs 25k is really bad. But that’s not a problem since there are plenty of people willing to pay that price. Even I was planning to get one before I realized that to buy a W800i or any its new brothers and sisters in the market, I would have to save for a really long time and the purchase would reset my bank balance to zero.

[My Inner Self]-:- “God! Why can’t you give these software engineers a gift of a million dollars after they pass out of college so that they don’t complain about the meager salaries they make as trainees at IT companies?? So what if their meager salaries are way above what an average India makes?? If it can’t get them the latest mobile phones, ipods and laptops, of what use is it?”

So I finally locked my attention on the best possible option in the range I could afford. The Sony Ericsson K508i, I could play 3D games on it, and click the occasional photograph. I could also read MMS that my friends send me. What’s the big deal about the MMS?? Well I have never see an MMS on my A3618…since it has no MMS capability, all it shows is some grabbled up ASCII text when I receive a MMS. And I have only heard and read about technologies like IrDA, GRPS etc…never experienced them.

So I called up my parents to get the green light for the purchase. Though I would be making the purchase out of my own pocket, I thought it would be better to ask them. My father coolly told me not to worry about the money in my bank account…let it grow…get it become 1 lakh …don’t get itchy fingers and blow up money on useless things. My current phone works right? “If you mean I can use it to talk just like I can in a public phone booth? Yes!” So let things be the way they are. Save the money for the future.

It was great listening to dad say all that on the phone, while I tried to cover the phone with my hands least the girl sitting next to me on the company bus sees my prehistoric mobile phone with its paint gone in several places. I was greatly troubled after the call. Should I keep myself ready for the unknown future or blow up money on getting a new phone to play with?

[My Inner Self]-:- “Man! I hate this! Why do you have to dump all these painful policy decision making on me? I have enough troubles to think about already! Tell you what, isn’t there a girl by your side with a Nokia 6600?”

Yes! Why?

[My Inner Self]-:-“Ok…Now listen the Nokia 6600 has everything you want. So why don’t you just knock the girl by your side on the head and grab the Nokia 6600 and jump out of the bus”

No! I can’t do something like that.

[My Inner Self]-:-“Why not? You worried that you will be caught? Or is it about Right and Wrong?”

No! I am a Nokia hater. I won’t even think of doing such a thing in my dreams.

[My Inner Self] and all nearby souls in chorus -:- “OOHHHH!!! We have a Nokia hater among us.”

Nokia phones are so terrible. Ugly stupid designs, useless User Interfaces. I wonder why most people buy Nokia.

[Passing by Soul 1]-:- “That right, when I walked on the earth as a mortal. I used both Nokia and Ericsson. Ericsson phones have a much better UI than Nokia.”

[My Inner Self]-:-“Ok I will sleep over the problem and let you know about what to do”

Yeah! Whatever, its 5pm now, the company’s net server just opened up for net access, gotta browse. Don’t disturb me. And all you souls get lost. No peeping over the shoulders while I type my email passwords.

[My Inner Self]-:- “These software engineers are crazy”