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Friday, March 03, 2006

Origami + UMPC = Vapourware?

Eeehh! The suspense is killing me.

Microsoft has a teaser website up at and they are just keeping their mouths zipped up tightly, not letting any details out. Intel also has a site up purporting the Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) at , seems like they (almost) finished work on the UMPC …6 months ahead of schedule.

FYI, the Origami Project is about taking the idea of the Tablet PC further by making it a handheld PC, yeah a PC with the form factor of the Sony PSP (well almost) !!! and cramming in GPS, WiMax, touchscreen while they are at it and oh yeah…a standby time that beats even my recently purchased SE mobile!!!!,

That is what they claim, MS and its friends in this endeavor, Intel, LG, ASUS and Averatec. MS is making the software (less risky???) and the others are going to come up with various flavors of the stuff (the actual machines).

The Origami project and UMPC hasn’t really been that secretive all this while, people closely tracking MS and Intel were aware of this, but with the striptease act starting last week by the giants, the media on the net has been in a frenzy Since there has been no grand announcements by either MS or its friends as they usually do, nor has anybody seen any new recent prototypes of the device

Some jerks who write articles on the net (and actually get paid for it) are even dubbing it as “Origami: Microsoft's 'OrPod' Alternative to the iPod?”
/me scratches my head. “When did the iPod become a full fledged computing device??? Last time I saw it was just playing music and videos (on a really big postage stamp sized screen)

Of course, we have this small problem that some of M$ groundbreaking products are a little futuristic and sometimes (ok often) do not really fit into the present. But will I buy one…hhmmm lets wait till they come out with Vista on it. YES!! Intel says that its UMPC can even run Vista, though the first wave of Origami/UMPC devices to hit the market will run WinXP. So I guess I will signup for the 2nd wave.

Hope when MS and Intel make their promised revelations next week, my hopes won’t be shattered into a million pieces.