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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Win vs Mac

somebody just had to post Yet Another Vista is Coming Article (YAVCA),

and allow for comments on that page to spark of Yet Another Win vs Mac Skrimish (YAWMS). I think these sites do it on purpose, publish a YAVCA all over again everytime they hear rumors about a new feature so that they can start a YAWMS, so that people come to their sites to bitch and the traffic goes up, their rank increases in "I am the new Big Brother" Google.

I wish i could gather all the "Windows is good enough for me" folks and meet the "We are holier that you" Mac users on a battlefield and end it all forever.

as my friend posted in a reply to a "We are holier that you" Mac user
"# re: Vista 5308: All The Features Are In @ Thursday, February 23, 2006 12:58 PM

You see those Toyotas? Those fuckers put steering wheels on their cars. Totally ripped it off of Ford. I can't believe it.



btw my thanks to all the people at XEROX PARC who came up with the GUI and adopted the mouse. sorry most of today's jerks would have no idea why i am saying this, but you guys rock :)

the next time you see a YAVCA don't waste your time reading it, jump straight to the YAWMS. I promise its much more informative? and entertaining ;D

Woz: 'I hope Microsoft...becomes more like Apple'

ya, why not and i will pack my bags and go to the north pole during the freaking winter for some sun bathing.

i guess when you have really deep pockets like Steve Wozniak and you go to New Zealand during the weekend to play polo on Segways??, you obviously can bitch about anything that comes to your mind, have it splashed on the net and still get away with it.

And on top of that you have loads of assholes who have no idea about how software is developed, who have never ever opened up their PCs to look at what's inside, people who think that windows, macs, unix, linux are things you can compare by just looking at how cool the desktop looks, write about technology on the net.

and i would rather not talk about all the jerks who have to start off yet another Windows vs Mac vs Linux fight on every other page that allows visitors to add their comments.

if you search for articles about Windows Vista on the net, almost every site other than those of microsoft have nothing else to talk about other than the sidebar, the transparency effects, what all things have been lifted from OS X (OS SUCKS???), how inspite of all the millions M$ pours into its products, they will never be as secure as OS X. That apples produces the most secure,user friendly, virus free OS.

Ya, i agree OS X is the most that out....VIRUS FREE OS out there in the market. and why not?? if i was a virus writer, why would i want to waste my energies on writing a virus for the Mac, when there are millions of windows pcs that i can bring down?? A virus writer has the sole purpose of bringing down as many systems as he can in the shortest possible time and have his net alias entered in the web's hall of fame. when he has more than 90% of the world's desktops running Windows, why look elsewhere??

as one sane person posted his reply to Woz comment

Never in a million years . . .

Reader post by: Lawton Pelfrey
Posted on: February 23, 2006, 12:53 PM PST

Microsoft chose the low road of cyber-technology, always willing to
license to anyone and everyone anything they developed. Apple
was, and is, more careful, innovative and profound by choosing the
high road. Woz can wish and hope, but it ain't gonna happen.